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Since 2020


The line between individuality and group association is blurred. All of these men show the same features, are dressed the same and are heading in the same direction. This leaves us to look at them as a group, whereas if we look at each individual we can see that they are all unique.
Inspired by René Magrittes’ famous painting “Golconde”. A collaboration between composer Fall~ and Man in pak Producties.

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Since 2016

De Rolstoel Taxi

[translated: The wheelchiartaxi] One of the most annoying things on festivals is the distance between everything. After one day of walking, dancing and standing your legs feel like you ran a marathon. Man in pak Producties has the solution for this problem. A Friendly driver and his Wheelchair are there for you to give you a ride. Just sit down for a moment.
A service who's always on his way. Not only to your destination but also on the way back, back to the relax mode.

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Sinds 2023

De Schoenpoetsers

Deze heren houden zich altijd bij hun leest. Ze zorgen dat je schoenen spik en span zijn. Wat is nou beter dan de dag beginnen met schone schoenen! Klaar terwijl u wacht, nee, klaar terwijl u ontspand! Houd u de schoenen maar aan… Kom lekker zitten in onze fauteuil, leg je voeten ten ruste en de rest gebeurd vanzelf.
Deze mannen weten alles van schoenen.

Since 2013

De Wasman

[Translated: The Washing Guy] De Wasman is a guy dressed in a waiter suit and he carries a washbowl. When you meet him, he will engage you in a friendly conversation. In a relaxed atmosphere you decide whether to talk or to be silent. It’s your choice. In the meantime he is washing your hands with use of lukewarm water, soap, a towel and the best lotion in Europe. Get ready for De Wasman: an interesting, stimulating, thought-provoking experience which will leave you fully relaxed with soft, clean hands while wearing a smile.
Get ready for De Wasman: an interesting, stimulating, thought-provoking experience which will leave you fully relaxed with soft, clean hands, wearing a smile.

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Since 2016

Tafeltje Dekje

[Translated: Set the Table] Everybody has to eat on a festival. Whether it is a healthy bite or the good old slice of pizza your always will be eating out of a carton tray with a disposable fork. Tafeltje Dekje replaces your carton for a plate and your sleeve for a napkin. We also give you a full treatment. Dinner will be served, candles will be lighted and we cut the fresh bread right next to the table. We only have to say one thing:
'Bon appétit'

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Sinds 2022

business lunch

the performance above this one has a hidden power; 'the power to connection'. On Corporate events, it happens all the time, even without us. Mostly it happens on a business level but do you really know your colleague or businesspartner? For precisely seven minutes we challenge you to talk about your private life. In return you get anything you need for a good conversation:
A set table, a good glas of wine and candle light


You can find our performances on many music-, theatre- and food truck festivals. We are also common guests on business events.

We don't charge any money from your guests.