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performance in the streets

There are lots of different versions of Suited guys. There is nothing too crazy for us. We can make a perfect fitting performance all with one goal:
Having personal contact with your visitors

The 'Gezellige' bartenders

Gezellig is a Dutch worth that doesn't have a proper translation. A few related worths are: Cozy, Nice, Fun, Sociable, Companionable. And that’s what our bartenders are. Not normal bartenders but bartenders who give a bit extra care, fun and joy to your party. They connect with your guests and even can play little games. Ideal for weddings, birthday parties or any other small event.

Service on a higher level

Whether you choose to give you Guest a drink or a bite it’s during your evening. It’s a better experience if the waiter is 2,40 m (8 feet) high. But our man can do more. Welcome your guests, show them the right way, dance and even they can give a presentation

performance on stage

A theme on your stage? Man in pak producties made themes for different dj's and different thematic evenings. We make themes with decoration but we also use actors.


Do you have ideas about festivals, performances, theater concepts or decorations but you don't know how to realize it.

You can always contact us.